Limited In-Store FABRIC Shopping

Starting Friday, May 29th!!!

Hello Friends,

We just want to try to keep everyone updated with our shop information during this time.

We will be opening our shop for in-store fabric customers starting Friday, May 29th.

There are some Re-Opening Conditions.

We are implementing a new system at Whittle's Fabrics to help keep our Family, Customers and Friends Safe.  New policies on shopping in-store:

1.  Every Customer will be required to wear a face mask.  If you arrive and have forgotten your mask, we will have some available for purchase so that you can shop.  If for any reason you can not wear a face mask, please order online or call our shop (270) 597-2987 to arrange for curbside pick-up.

2.  If you feel sick or have a fever.  Please do not come into our shop.  Please order online or call us (270) 597-2987 to arrange for curbside pick-up.

3.  We will be limiting to 10 customers in the shop at a time.  In order to adhere to the Governors re-opening guidance.  We hope to increase these limits as things progress.  There is no in-store waiting area or seating.  So please limit the number of people coming into the shop to only those that will be shopping, this way we can keep the customer flow moving and minimize others having to wait to shop.  Please remember that there could be others waiting to shop and try to limit your time in the shop to only what time you need.

4.  We ask that you keep 6 foot (2 yards) from all customers and employees.  We will have signage to help remind all of us about these new shopping habits.

5.  We will continue to sanitize areas of the shop though out the day.  But we ask that you try to minimize the items you touch to help curb the spread of illness.

These Policies are subject to change at anytime to ensure we are doing what we can to keep our shop safe.

We thank you all so much for your help and understanding our goal of keeping the shop a healthy place.  We are excited to see you back at the shop and for you to be able to come back to a happy place.  

 You can still order online via our website


Call our Shop at (270) 597-2987 to place a phone order - we can either ship or you can pick up at our store. 

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