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Echo-quilting Clips

Quilting with ease

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  • These Echo-quilting Clips have been especially developed for quilting with the Adjustable Ruler foot #72 and Ruler foot #96. The Echo-quilting Clips are made of scratchproof and anti-static plastic; therefore, the surface remains scratch and lint free

    What is echo-quilting?

    When working with the Echo-quilting Clips, you quilt around a motif to have it framed. For this purpose, the clips are guided in free-motion or along a plexiglass ruler. This technique is called ‘echo-quilting’.

    Easily create decorative quilt patterns (such as 'crosshatching or 'piano keys') with the BERNINA plexiglass rulers and the various spacings of the Echo-quilting Clips. Position and guide the clips due to the lasered markings. Perfect patterns will succeed anytime!

    Easily clip the transparent Echo-quilting Clips on the sole of the Ruler foot.

    Each set includes three Echo-quilting Clips in following sizes:

    • 1x Echo-quilting Clip, radius 0.5 Inch
    • 1x Echo-quilting Clip, radius 0.75 Inch
    • 1x Echo-quilting Clip, radius 1.0 Inch